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>Interesting post on AML Tuesday, which you can read in the AML archives
>I know that Steven and a couple others are John Pratt fans. I find his
>writings to be extreme left-field stuff (except for his puzzles, which
>are pretty cool, and remind me of Microsoft interview questions --
>interviewing at Microsoft can actually be a lot of fun). His musings
>remind me of the "Jupiter-is-the-terrestrial-kingdom" doctrine I heard
>being whispered about in my mission. Now, I don't know Eric Samuelsen or
>what his religious/social views are, but we apparently share a viewpoint
>on John Pratt. The difference is that his viewpoint is based on direct
>experience with a Pratt seance^h^h^h^h^h^h meeting, rather than just
>looking through his web site, which is how I formed my opinions. Anyway,
>in case anyone cares.

I'm a fan of the truth, not necessarily John Pratt. Yet, In the spirit of 
Moses 6: 63 I have found much of John Pratt's research to be valid and 
based on the truth. I admit that some of John Pratt's research is in the 
area of speculation (which he himself will readily admit) and find myself 
putting some of his ideas on "back burners" so to speak.  I found Eric 
Samuelson's criticism a bit harsh, but this was probably to be expected as 
he knew little about it going in. I see his program as no more strange than 
for a backyard gathering of amateur astronomers--which is what John Pratt 
is. Here is an excerpt from what John Pratt says himself about the "Feast 
of Trumpets" program in an email message promoting it:

There will be a symbolic and instructive program, based partly on authentic
Hebrew traditions but mostly on my own interpretation, relating it to
events of the restoration of the Gospel.  Also, it is tied to the Enoch
Calendar, not to the Hebrew calendar, so I don't even hold it on the Hebrew
Day (It occurs, however, on the day of the Hebrew Feast of Tabernacles, for
no extra charge).  The program features the seven angels blowing trumpets
to open the Millennium, focusing on the positive aspects.  It will include
some results of my latest research, including identifying the angels.  It
is designed for LDS people, but hopefully it will not offend anyone of any
religion.  There will also be about a half-hour update by me on recent
research and implications. (But NO, I will NOT be predicting when the
Second Coming will be, so please don't ask!)

As you can see, the program was "symbolic" and openly stated that it is 
based on his "own interpretation." Beside, I find John Pratt's research and 
viewpoint that the stars, planets, constellations and calendar systems act 
to bear record of Christ and serve as "signs and seasons" no more "left 
field" than that of Abraham suggesting that there are governing planets and 
that the Sun "borrows" it light from Kolob <grin>.

At any rate John Pratt is merely building on a foundation first laid by the 
Christian Ministers E. W. Bullinger and Joseph A. Seiss. Bullinger's work, 
"Witness of the Stars" can be found online at

Steven Montgomery

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