>1) Pratt's wife sang 'Yo Ho, that I were an Angel."

Did she really?  Or was it "Oh, that I were an Angel"?  If it was "Yo Ho" then the 
weirdness is also twisting into mangling songs.

>4) Angels came back and pronounced individual blessings on us.

If this was theatre, okay, I guess. If not, this is definitely crossing the line.

>we all have a need to feed our inner gnostic.  

Haha!  That's hilarious; "feed our inner gnostic."  I love it.

>  If only they knew the deep and all abiding weirdness that lurks under the surface 
>of much of Mormon culture.

Has he ever got that right.  I've caught glimpses of it here and there which makes me 
suspect that there's a lot more that I don't know about.  After all, I live in 
Edmonton, not Orem or Salt Lake City.

I can guarantee that those involved in various subculture weirdness do not pay 
attention to the scriptures and the Brethren.  They may read and they may listen but 
they are deliberately sifting for what they want to hear.  What I cannot understand is 
how basically good LDS people get into such weirdness.  I mean, you compare the true 
gospel with something like John Pratt's little ritual and your warning sirens would 
just have to start screaming.  But LDS are a lot like other people: some are highly 
skeptical and suspicious and others are unbelievably naive.  There's a whole spectrum.

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