Unfortunately John Pratt has been published in the Ensign and, fwiw, in Meridian, too. 
Meridian I don't care about, but the Ensign -- that's a different story.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> At 08:51 PM 9/27/02 -0600 Steven Montgomery favored us with:
> >>At 04:08 PM 9/26/02 -0600 Steven Montgomery favored us with:
> >>>At any rate John Pratt is merely building on a foundation first laid by the 
>Christian Ministers E. W. Bullinger and Joseph A. Seiss. Bullinger's work, "Witness 
>of the Stars" can be found online at http://philologos.org/__eb-tws/default.htm
> >>
> >>Why would any Latter-day Saint build upon a foundation of the ministers of an 
>apostate religion rather than upon the true prophets of the living God? --JWR
> >
> >Because, to paraphrase Brigham Young, we believe in seeking out and gathering up 
>truth, all truth, wherever it may be found?
> Absolutely.  But we get our religion from the prophets, not self-appointed teachers 
>of doctrine not taught by the Church.  Brigham Young was talking about history, 
>geography, science, etc.  I doubt if he would have approved the rise of personality 
>cults within the Church.  And I am not talking about Pratt.  I know nothing of him.
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