> >1) Pratt's wife sang 'Yo Ho, that I were an Angel."
> Did she really?  Or was it "Oh, that I were an Angel"?

She sang it with an eyepatch and a snarl.

> >4) Angels came back and pronounced individual blessings on us.
> If this was theatre, okay, I guess. If not, this is definitely
> crossing the line.

At which point Phanuel wrestles you to the ground and sends you back 
behind the line.

> >we all have a need to feed our inner gnostic.  
> Haha!  That's hilarious; "feed our inner gnostic."  I love it.

I agree, and I think (to quote Homer, the great American philosopher) 
it's funny because it's true, or perhaps it's funny because it isn't me. 
Except that I suspect that almost all of us really do have an "inner 
gnostic", and that we like the idea of having this great, secret 
knowledge that helps us understand things better than our benighted 
brethren (or maybe just makes us frustrated that they aren't as 
perceptive as we are). Just a weakness of the flesh, really, but one I'm 
sure we'll have to overcome, in this life or the next.

> >  If only they knew the deep and all abiding weirdness that lurks
> under the surface of much of Mormon culture.
> Has he ever got that right.  I've caught glimpses of it here and
> there which makes me suspect that there's a lot more that I don't
> know about.  After all, I live in Edmonton, not Orem or Salt Lake
> City.

Oh, that I were a bishop, and could get the inside scoop on all the 
bizarreness of the Church membership! On the other hand, maybe not.


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