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>At 04:08 PM 9/26/02 -0600 Steven Montgomery favored us with:
> >As you can see, the program was "symbolic" and openly stated that it is 
> based on his "own interpretation." Beside, I find John Pratt's research 
> and viewpoint that the stars, planets, constellations and calendar 
> systems act to bear record of Christ and serve as "signs and seasons" no 
> more "left field" than that of Abraham suggesting that there are 
> governing planets and that the Sun "borrows" it light from Kolob <grin>.
>This is an amazing admission.  Abraham was one of the greatest prophets in 
>the history of the earth, and he obtained his education of these things by 
>direct revelation.  Can the same be said for John Pratt?
>John W. Redelfs                                    [EMAIL PROTECTED]

No. But I see John Pratt's research as an honest attempt at seeking 
understanding by applying his mind  to study and learning (D&C 88: 118). 
Besides, he must not be too much of a kook if he's been published several 
times in the Ensign magazine <grin>.

Steven Montgomery

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