At 12:34 PM 9/27/2002, you wrote:
> >  I found Eric
> > Samuelson's criticism a bit harsh, but this was probably to be expected as
> > he knew little about it going in. I see his program as no more strange 
> than
> > for a backyard gathering of amateur astronomers--which is what John Pratt
> > is. Here is an excerpt from what John Pratt says himself about the "Feast
> > of Trumpets" program in an email message promoting it:
> >
> > <Quote>
> > There will be a symbolic and instructive program, based partly on authentic
> > Hebrew traditions but mostly on my own interpretation, relating it to
> > events of the restoration of the Gospel.
>Any way you slice it, the "program" was bizarre.  Why the heck would 
>anyone want to present "information" in that style? (you can't use the 
>temple as a reason because it is real and authorized).
>I believe that all rational LDS would have warning alarms going off if 
>exposed to this "program".
>=========  Mark Gregson  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  =========

No more bizarre than some ward road-shows I've seen <grin>. I think you 
need to cut this guy some slack--he's a teacher and got a program together 
with like-minded individuals--what's wrong with that? Maybe he has a flair 
for the dramatic, but he is absolutely *not* preaching false doctrine.

Steven Montgomery

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