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>I agree, and I think (to quote Homer, the great American philosopher) 
>it's funny because it's true, or perhaps it's funny because it isn't me. 
>Except that I suspect that almost all of us really do have an "inner 
>gnostic", and that we like the idea of having this great, secret 
>knowledge that helps us understand things better than our benighted 
>brethren (or maybe just makes us frustrated that they aren't as 
>perceptive as we are).

And imagine a world where we couldn't look down on such people, and ridicule them, and 
persecute them.  "For so persecuted they the prophets which were before you."  Some 
people really do have a secret.  Usually it is one we are willing to share.  But there 
are rarely and takers.  They are like the rich guests who were too busy to come to the 
feast.  So go out into the street and invite the beggars, the halt, the lame, the 
poor, the hungry.  You know, those who can appreciate a feast even if it does seem a 
little strange.

I notice that over the last 15 years virtually every new member that has been a 
convert baptism in our ward has been from among the poor.  Not one prosperous family 
has come into the Church during that time.  That is strange because most of the 
families in the ward are quite properous.  Hmmmmmm.  Strange.

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