>  I found Eric 
> Samuelson's criticism a bit harsh, but this was probably to be expected as 
> he knew little about it going in. I see his program as no more strange than 
> for a backyard gathering of amateur astronomers--which is what John Pratt 
> is. Here is an excerpt from what John Pratt says himself about the "Feast 
> of Trumpets" program in an email message promoting it:
> <Quote>
> There will be a symbolic and instructive program, based partly on authentic
> Hebrew traditions but mostly on my own interpretation, relating it to
> events of the restoration of the Gospel.  

Any way you slice it, the "program" was bizarre.  Why the heck would anyone want to 
present "information" in that style? (you can't use the temple as a reason because it 
is real and authorized).

I believe that all rational LDS would have warning alarms going off if exposed to this 

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