There might be an LDS study Bible come out, if some of us can get our act together.
About 7 or 8 people have come together to write a Bible (actually just the NT at
this time) -- my assignment, for instance, is Romans and I and II Corinthians. The
problem has been, in addition to getting a committee to work together (different
people have different levels of enthusiasm and different abilities) there is a
commercial consideration I'm not at liberty to talk about. We're waiting for that
to be resolved. As a teaser, let me tell you that John Tvedtnes of FARMS has been
assigned all of the Johannine material (the Gospel of John and the epistles), and
will be co-author of the section on Revelation.

Steven Montgomery wrote:

> At 10:03 AM 9/29/2002, Marc wrote:
> >I have both the pre-1980 and post-1980 versions of the Bible. The newer one is
> >large print, which I can use for teaching. But I keep the older one because it
> >was a particularly nicely bound type that they don't seem to make anymore
> >(real
> >calfskin) and it was a gift from my mother as I was headed off down the road
> >south to Salt Lake and Provo. It's got a lot of scripture marking in it, and I
> >tend to remember things visually, so I'll often prefer the older one for that
> >reason. Just call me a sentimental old fogey.
> >
> >--
> >Marc A. Schindler
> Same here. Also, even though the "post-1980" version had excellent
> footnoting there were still some footnotes in the "pre-1980" version which,
> imo and in some respects, was better than the "post-1980 version. Does
> anyone know of a LDS study bible in existence--or even an excellent non-LDS
> study bible?
> --
> Steven Montgomery
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