Dan writes,

>The Church is certainly _trying_ to make this easier; Have they started
>talking about the prepackaged food kits in your area yet?

I've heard of pre-packaged food kits, especially along the lines
of MRE's, but they're usually produced or distributed by a 
third party company, such as Emergency Preparedness out of 
Orem, UT.  I think you can get one person-year's worth of 
rations so described for around $2500-3000.  Maybe a little 
less when it's on sale.

But no, I've not heard of anything like that brought up 
by the Church proper.  I think our bishop's storehouse in 
the Nashville area is still doing rice and wheat and corn 
and whatnot.  /Sandy/  

Note: MRE="Meals Ready to Eat"

Which reminds me...how long would Chef Boyardee last as a
food storage item?  =)  Or canned goods, generally?  We 
could probably start our food storage program with some
canned goods, some pasta, and a few bottles of Paul Newman
salad dressing . . . 

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