Jon Spencer wrote:

> It is nice to know that John thinks that there are no moral people anywhere
> in the world (does that include you, John?)  I personally take exception to
> this, because here our or little part of the vineyard, there are hundreds of
> righteous men and women doing there best.

I don't think John's ever said this. IIn the post you quote, he clearly said
there are no moral *nations*, and I would strongly agree. Has any part of Zion
lived up to the covenant in Ether? I can't think of one, and that includes
Canada. And we're supposed to be setting an example for the rest of the world.

> We are NOT like the days of (the prophet) Noah.  Of course, we could simply
> fold up our tents and stay home, as you apparently would have us do.  We can
> all just slip down to Provo and live an isolated life, ignoring the pleas
> from our brothers and sisters around the world.

Who has pleaded for the US to make a "regime change" in Iraq, which is Bush's
declared aim?

> We can all just let our
> respective governments fall into total chaos and lift nary a hand to keep
> things afloat so that our missionaries (who should just keep there noses out
> of others business and stay home) can reach all peoples and nations and
> tongues.  We could let evil run rampant and do nothing.  THEN, perhaps, we
> would be "in a time that is like the days of Noah."
> We certainly do not have a King Benjamin, but we are a long way from King
> Noah (currently anyway, unless we sit by and do nothing).
> Is that it?  Or do I have it wrong?

Yes, you have it all wrong.

> Jon
> John W. Redelfs wrote:
> > It is a telestial world in a time that is like the days of Noah.  There
> are no honorable nations upon the earth.  --JWR
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