It is nice to know that John thinks that there are no moral people anywhere
in the world (does that include you, John?)  I personally take exception to
this, because here our or little part of the vineyard, there are hundreds of
righteous men and women doing there best.

We are NOT like the days of (the prophet) Noah.  Of course, we could simply
fold up our tents and stay home, as you apparently would have us do.  We can
all just slip down to Provo and live an isolated life, ignoring the pleas
from our brothers and sisters around the world.  We can all just let our
respective governments fall into total chaos and lift nary a hand to keep
things afloat so that our missionaries (who should just keep there noses out
of others business and stay home) can reach all peoples and nations and
tongues.  We could let evil run rampant and do nothing.  THEN, perhaps, we
would be "in a time that is like the days of Noah."

We certainly do not have a King Benjamin, but we are a long way from King
Noah (currently anyway, unless we sit by and do nothing).

Is that it?  Or do I have it wrong?


John W. Redelfs wrote:
> It is a telestial world in a time that is like the days of Noah.  There
are no honorable nations upon the earth.  --JWR

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