Cousin Bill wrote:

> I do have a question about Rainbow Bridge.  It would seem to me that anyone
> who wanted to commit suicide couldn't find a much more beautiful place to do
> it than right there.  Absolutely no fence or anything to stop someone from
> jumping.  I guess it could also be used for murder, though I assume cameras
> or something would make it almost impossible to get away with.  But whose
> jurisdiction would that be?  I guess it would be perfect for a murder /
> suicide deal.  Marc, do you have any kind of statistics on how many people
> jump or attempt to jump?

Whoops, I pressed Send prematurely. I wanted to answer this, too. Technically
speaking, the border goes across the bridge at some point (and not necessarily
the middle of the bridge). I have no idea -- I don't recall a big yellow line
painted there or anything. But you're right, it would make a spectacular leap and
perhaps there have been some who have jumped over, I don't know. But we tend to
hear about those who go over the falls, either deliberately or accidentally, and
actually -- most Canadians don't know this -- but you'd have the same
jurisdiction problem at Horseshoe Falls, which people assume is on the Canadian
side. And it is. Except for a very short portion that is adjacent to an island
which I think is called Goat Island, because the border runs just off the shore
of this island, not through the island. I have no idea who made up the maps --
probably some nitwits in Ghent (that's the treaty that ended the War of 1812) who
hadn't a clue and didn't much care. So there's a tiny sliver of the Horseshoe
Falls that's under U.S. jurisdiction.

That's a long-winded way of saying that I have no idea how the two sides handle
local jurisdictional issues like this, although I *do* know that the local police
forces (the OPP on the Ontario side) and Niagara Falls city police on the NY
side, along with INS and Customs and Immigration Canada, both cooperate. Thus, if
an OPP boat is dragging the basin downstream of the bridge, the NY authorities
won't have a cow if they search the river from side to side and vice versa.

And I don't know how many suicides there are there, either. I'm assuming they
only make the local press, so only a resident would know (I presume).

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