Yuko? How long have you been posing as Marc?

In any case, I'm glad to see it really was the US's fault, after all. 
For a brief moment, I feared that perhaps some other country besides the 
US had to grapple with possible failings in moral matters.


We are a peaceful, antlike people (well, the country is so big that we feel reduced to 
the size of ants - and if we work at it hard enough we can be reduced to the size of a 
mote, smaller than the one in our brother's eye, thus allowing us to literally 
literally (as opposed to figuratively literally) pass through the eye of a needle 
(say, a #5 Bernina) and thus enter heaven where we expect to feel very much at home 
since it will be so much like our own country, except a little warmer in the winter).

All our troubles are caused by foreigners.  Before anyone came to this country we 
never had any trouble with people.

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