I believe there are situations where civil disobedience is appropriate, 
but it is a powerful *amoral* force, only redeemable by application to 
highly moral causes.  The author's suggestion that we should stop 
getting licenses for pets, driving, or marriage is ridiculous to me, and 
disrespectful to the history of Ghandi that she cites.


Rose Bowlen wrote:
> It works for me.  Maybe you should try again later.  The article talks 
> about people who have used civil disobedience to accomplish political 
> goals.  I am curious what people think - do we believe in the obeying 
> the law no matter what? I presume most would have a place to draw the 
> line but where is the line? 
> Rose
> Jon Spencer wrote:
> > I don't know, the URL didn't work.
> > 
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> > > What do you think about this article?
> > >
> > > http://www.sierratimes.com/02/10/04/sunni.htm

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