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>What about China's "One Child" policy? When a couple already has a child (or several) 
>and the wife gets pregnant she is required to submit to having an abortion. Would you 
>sanction Civil Disobedience (perhaps sanction is too strong a word, maybe the term, 
>"looking the other way" is better?) If the couple keeps the pregnancy secret, goes to 
>full term and eventually bears the child?

This is a hypothetical situation that will undoubtedly never occur.  As long as 
utterly evil men lead China, they will never let the Church in.  When they let the 
Church in, the less evil men in charge will probably reverse mandatory sterilizations, 

We know that the Church has in the past authorized civil disobedience.  That is why so 
many of our top church leaders went to jail during the polygamy wars.  The point is,  
the Prophet will decide when and where civil disobedience is permitted, not us.  A 
good Latter-day Saint never takes the law into his own hands.

Your friend and brother,
John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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