I understand, and sympathize fully with the sorrow this causes, but the question
was about civil disobedience. We all know that governments make mistakes (sometimes
that's putting it mildly). I could see myself disobeying a law, but with the
feeling that I darn well better have a good explanation for it to the Lord.  My
younger brother served a mission in French Polynesia, and while there there was a
group of indépendantistes who wanted to "liberate" French Polynesia from French
rule (technically speaking FP isn't a colony, but part of "la France
métropolitaine" but to me that's just so much French window dressing [ha ha]). But
the Church cracked down on members joining this group and threatened them with

Like my example of the red light, to bring it down from lofty heights to something
we might all face. I remember running red lights in the middle of the day to get my
wife, who had just suffered a miscarriage, to Foothills Hospital in Calgary. I had
my flashers on and was rhythmically tooting my horn. Now, I had every good reason
to do this. But I still broke the law, and if a policeman had decided to follow us
to the hospital, and give me a ticket, he would have had every right to do so. And
I would have paid it. (In actual fact, as I'm sure most people would assume, 99% of
cops would, upon hearing of the circumstances, not only forgive you the violation,
but provide a police escort to the hospital, but that's not my point.)

In fact, as Mark can attest, we've just had a famous case here in Edmonton where a
police cruiser smashed into a minivan while the cruiser was making an illegal left
turn. I think it had its lights on, but not its siren, but it was on official
business (not just trying to beat the lunchhour crowds to Tim Horton's ;-))  No
criminal charges were laid, I don't think -- I can't remember, but there *was*
disciplinary action taken by the force against the officer who was driving, and the
family who was hit, and lost at least one family member, successfully sued the city

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 09:43 10/6/2002 -0600, M Marc wrote:
> > > What about China's "One Child" policy? When a couple already has a child
> > > (or several) and the wife gets pregnant she is required to submit to having
> > > an abortion. Would you sanction Civil Disobedience (perhaps sanction is too
> > > strong a word, maybe the term, "looking the other way" is better?) If the
> > > couple keeps the pregnancy secret, goes to full term and eventually bears
> > > the child?
> > >
> >
> >Not if I were a Chinese living in China I wouldn't.
> There's a young woman in our building who was a second child in a Chinese
> family.  She was sent to the provinces (read poverty) because of that to be
> raised by an aging grandmother.  She has seen her mother but a few times in
> her life.   The cost of such civil disobedience can be fairly high to
> others besides the disobedient.  Somehow, she has managed to rise above the
> poverty (parents money? backing her) and come to America for a first class
> education, but the emotional scarring is quite deep.
> Till
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