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> > What about China's "One Child" policy? When a couple already has a child
> > (or several) and the wife gets pregnant she is required to submit to having
> > an abortion. Would you sanction Civil Disobedience (perhaps sanction is too
> > strong a word, maybe the term, "looking the other way" is better?) If the
> > couple keeps the pregnancy secret, goes to full term and eventually bears
> > the child?
> >
>Not if I were a Chinese living in China I wouldn't.

There's a young woman in our building who was a second child in a Chinese 
family.  She was sent to the provinces (read poverty) because of that to be 
raised by an aging grandmother.  She has seen her mother but a few times in 
her life.   The cost of such civil disobedience can be fairly high to 
others besides the disobedient.  Somehow, she has managed to rise above the 
poverty (parents money? backing her) and come to America for a first class 
education, but the emotional scarring is quite deep.


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