ObCanuckism: this is where we got a chance to help out. Canada, not for the first, nor 
for the last time, welcomed refugees from the USA when it allowed polygamists to 
settle Cardston. The Dominion government in Ottawa (Alberta was part of the Northwest 
Territories at the time, so was federally administered) agreed not to arrest them and 
not to deport them back to the US under the
condition that they only bring one wife with them. A heartbreaking decision, indeed, 
but they did, and as I think it's Ora Card's journal that relates, "As soon as we had 
determined that we had passed into Canadian territory, we all threw our hats into the 
air and gave three cheers for a free land."

Even now there's a Colorado City spinoff that lives in a place called Bountiful in one 
of the most inaccessible places you could imagine, near the British Columbia-Idaho 
border, that's a fundi colony. The local Mounties leave them alone as long as there 
are no allegations of child abuse. But Mounties in the "interior" (from Bonnie's place 
south to the border, aka the Crowsnest Pass
triangle) are used to religious nuts: we've welcomed the Doukhobor Sons of Freedom, 
who would protest having their children forced to attend public school by torching 
their own farms, and appearing in court all naked (not a pretty sight, let me tell you 
-- these were all, er, rather well-nourished middle-aged and older folks). Just north 
of Cardston is one of several Hutterite colonies
which is almost its own sovereign country. They pay no income taxes and are immune to 
any military draft should one be called. In turn they provide their own schooling (as 
long as, academically speaking, the children can pass the "diploma exams" they get 
high school graduation certificates and in theory the same opportunity to go on to 
higher education, although few of them do) and
they rarely use the healthcare system except for tertiary care like cancer (I've seen 
Hutterites in the U of A Hospital several times while I've been a patient there. I've 
seen them at the West Edmonton Mall, too!). Of course, civil welfare is unheard of 
amongst them, too. They don't vote either, incidentally.

"John W. Redelfs" wrote:

> At 05:29 AM 10/6/02 -0600 Steven Montgomery favored us with:
> >What about China's "One Child" policy? When a couple already has a child (or 
>several) and the wife gets pregnant she is required to submit to having an abortion. 
>Would you sanction Civil Disobedience (perhaps sanction is too strong a word, maybe 
>the term, "looking the other way" is better?) If the couple keeps the pregnancy 
>secret, goes to full term and eventually bears the child?
> This is a hypothetical situation that will undoubtedly never occur.  As long as 
>utterly evil men lead China, they will never let the Church in.  When they let the 
>Church in, the less evil men in charge will probably reverse mandatory 
>sterilizations, etc.
> We know that the Church has in the past authorized civil disobedience.  That is why 
>so many of our top church leaders went to jail during the polygamy wars.  The point 
>is,  the Prophet will decide when and where civil disobedience is permitted, not us.  
>A good Latter-day Saint never takes the law into his own hands.
> Your friend and brother,
> John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]
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