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> At 05:26 PM 10/5/2002, you wrote:
> >The church's stance is quite clear: that local laws are to be obeyed, period.
> I generally agree. However, there may be occasions, perhaps exceedingly
> rare, where to obey the law of the land would put one in conflict with a
> major, and higher, law of God. One is not obligated to obey the command of
> a superior officer to slaughter innocent civilians, for example.

True. I just read a talk somewhere and for the life of me I can't remember who
wrote it, but they mention driving through a red light to get someone to the
hospital. They said you're not nullifying the law -- the law is still there -- but
you are obeying a higher law. The author was quick to point out that such
instances are rare. I don't know about where you live but here, even an ambulance,
if it goes through a red light with its siren on and lights on, has to take due
precautions and if it's in an accident, it will be the ambulance driver's fault.

> What about China's "One Child" policy? When a couple already has a child
> (or several) and the wife gets pregnant she is required to submit to having
> an abortion. Would you sanction Civil Disobedience (perhaps sanction is too
> strong a word, maybe the term, "looking the other way" is better?) If the
> couple keeps the pregnancy secret, goes to full term and eventually bears
> the child?

Not if I were a Chinese living in China I wouldn't.

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