Marc Schindler:

I think I know what country you're referring to, but if I'm right 
about it, I believe you *were* allowed to hold services in 
small groups in members homes, ...


I made a typo.  The part in parenthesis should have said 
it is *now* legal, under certain restrictions, for the Church 
to hold services there.  The restrictions are as you stated.

However, at the time I was first there, it was not legal at all, 
yet even then the Church was well organized and functioning.  
Only those who were not citizens of the country participated.

What was being done and the way in which it was done had 
the blessing of the International Mission Presidency (for 
those who may remember those days before Areas were 

And yes, the other information you mentioned is correct, 
including who created the stake.  The terms of meeting 
were worked out in SL between the Ambassador and the 
First Presidency.  I do not know if Elder Packer assisted in 
those meetings or not.  The limit is 25.

Larry Jackson

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