After careful consideration, Gary Smith wrote:
>As for your claim that Bush is a Gadianton, just where is your proof?

Is proof needed?  It is just common sense.  The man in the street does not 
start wars.  Men with wealth and power do.  Who has the wealth and power 
today?  It is Bush and company.

>Saddam is heavily engaged in terrorist activities, even paying off the 
>families of suicide bombers. Where do you see Bush actively killing civilians?

Was Nixon actively killing civilians when he sent 60,000 American fighting 
men to Vietnam with no intentions of accomplishing anything?  How many 
innocent civilians died during the Persian Gulf War of George Bush, Sr?  A 
hundred thousand?  Two hundred thousand?  The "rulers of the darkness of 
this world" use war so that they can kill to get gain.  If we don't learn 
anything else in the Book of Mormon we should learn that.  Gadianton 
Robbers kill for money and power.  And that is what war is all about, 
making money shedding the blood of others.  Do you think the USA would be 
all worked up about the evil Hussein if it weren't for oil?  Why are we not 
equally worked up about the genocide that has been going on in Africa for a 
generation?  Could it be that we don't care if black people kill black 
people as long as they don't have any oil that we want to control?

>Gadiantons have secret organizations of murder to get gain. Where is Bush' 
>club? Yes, I know you are suspicious of the CFR and other groups, but I've 
>yet to see conclusive evidence that they are for less liberty and more 
>civilian annihilation.

Why must we have conclusive evidence to believe the scriptures?  And how 
could we get this evidence even if it exists? Is our House and Senate 
willing to convene an investigation into criminal dealings at the highest 
levels in our nation?  And if we don't investigate, how are we going to get 
evidence?  Even when we have evidence we don't do a dang thing about 
it.  We had the evidence with Nixon, yet we did not impeach him.  We didn't 
prosecute him for the multiple felonies that he committed.  We actually 
mourned his passing and flew our flag at half mast when he died, a flag he 
had desecrated far more than those hippies that sewed it onto the seat of 
their pants and burned it in the street.  We had PROOF that Clinton 
committed the felonies of perjury and obstruction of justice, but our 
Senate acquitted him anyway, making them just as guilty as he was.

You bemoan the lack of evidence.  We could get that evidence if we were 
willing to do it.  But we aren't.  These Gadianton Robbers, who worship 
money more than God, know that we will do nothing as long as they let us in 
on the take.  As long as we are fat and happy we aren't going to do 
anything about it.  And they know it.  They can do anything they want as 
long as we are not inconvenienced in the enjoyment of our pleasures.

Well, that is pretty short sighted.  Misbehavior has a way of coming back 
and biting.

>If you make such a claim, please back it up. Otherwise, you are spouting 
>off things that are not right.

I have spent the last nine years on these email lists backing it up with 
the scriptures and the writing of the seers.  Only a seer can determine 
these things because they are hidden in darkness.  President Benson was a 
seer for fifty years during which he was on the President's Cabinet for two 
full terms.  And this is what he taught.  Not because he was some kind of 
right-wing crackpot, but because he KNEW.  Those saints who ignored him 
will pay a price just as those saints have paid a price for not following 
prophetic counsel in Missouri.  A prophet cannot lead where the people will 
not follow.  They weren't willing to live the Law of Consecration in 
Missouri as Joseph had asked them to do.  And the saints in our more recent 
history refused to be mobilized by the alarms raised by President 
Benson.  Same thing.  Watch, and you will learn.

Tell me, doesn't it seem a little curious that Al-Qaeda was able to pull 
off their attack on 9-11 even though there were many in our nation who were 
forewarned?  We were caught with our pants down.  But the purpose of 
government is to see that we are not caught with our pants down.  Our 
government failed us.  But guess what, there is no great outcry against 
those who were guilty of this negligence.  I'll bet not one single FAA, 
FBI, CIA, or other government operative will lose his job or even be 
demoted for his negligence.  Is that just a coincidence?  No it is 
not.  Those who pulled off this attack planned it that way.

19 men died.  15 of them were Saudis.  There must have been others 
involved, but who?  If we ever find out, which is doubtful, I'll bet that 
they have all died in one way or another. Whoever planned 9-11 planned a 
way to get away with it.  They planned a way to do away with all witnesses 
that could incriminate them.  9-11 is going to remain as big a mystery as 
the assassination of JFK.

Anyway, what kind of evidence would satisfy you?  Admit it.  There is no 
evidence that would satisfy you, at least no evidence that will ever be 
brought forward.

Am I a pessimist?  Heck no.  I am an optimist.  Those who truly love the 
Lord and try each day to keep his commandments are going to come through 
all of this in fine shape.  Now that is optimism.  Do I think that the 
wicked will prosper?  No, not in the long run.  But they will surely make a 
terrible mess in the meantime, a mess that would be unnecessary if people 
would just wake up and see what is right in front of them.

No problem, time will tell.  The day will come when we will all know 
whether or not I am spouting alarmism, whether or not I am Chicken 
Little.  But I'll bet that none of those who are conspiracy deniers would 
ever have thought that 9-11 could happen, do you suppose?

I just wish I could know whether or not any of our beloved national leaders 
intentionally looked the other way while all this was coming down.

John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]
"It may be, for instance, that nothing except the power of
faith and the authority of the priesthood can save
individuals and congregations from the atomic holocausts
that surely shall be."  --Bruce R. McConkie
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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