>After careful consideration, Paul Osborne wrote:
>FWIW-- I too would have lied under oath if I had been hounded over my 
>personal sex life. It's nobody's business. Good for Clinton for lying
>good for Abraham too.
>Comparing Clinton with Abraham is quite a stretch.  --JWR

I wasn't comparing the men. I was comparing the principles involved. It
wasn't the business of the sex hungry murderous Egyptians to know that
Sarah was Abraham's wife so Abraham lied as he was told to do. Good for

Likewise, it wasn't the business of the whole world to tear into
Clinton's personal sex habits, so he lied. Good for him. I would have
done the same. I personally wasn't interested in the pornographic garbage
the media published and I did not read about it on the web when the
report was published. 

That makes me pretty clean; huh?  <I'm sooo good>

Paul O

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