Paul I think when Clinton became President of the US that made everything he
did my business. I also feel that being president he had the responsibility
to be a good example to me my children and especially my grandchildren

> >After careful consideration, Paul Osborne wrote:
> >FWIW-- I too would have lied under oath if I had been hounded over my
> >personal sex life. It's nobody's business. Good for Clinton for lying
> and
> >good for Abraham too.
> >---
> >
> >Comparing Clinton with Abraham is quite a stretch.  --JWR
> I wasn't comparing the men. I was comparing the principles involved. It
> wasn't the business of the sex hungry murderous Egyptians to know that
> Sarah was Abraham's wife so Abraham lied as he was told to do. Good for
> him.
> Likewise, it wasn't the business of the whole world to tear into
> Clinton's personal sex habits, so he lied. Good for him. I would have
> done the same. I personally wasn't interested in the pornographic garbage
> the media published and I did not read about it on the web when the
> report was published.
> That makes me pretty clean; huh?  <I'm sooo good>
> Paul O

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