>After careful consideration, Gary Smith wrote:
>As for your claim that Bush is a Gadianton, just where is your proof?

>>Is proof needed?  It is just common sense.  The man in the street does
>>start wars.  Men with wealth and power do.  Who has the wealth and
>>today?  It is Bush and company.

Yes proof is needed, John. You have more or less called someone a
murderer and that is a heavy thing to say; we are all held accountable
for what we say. I was going to vote for Bush but I didn't get off my
lazy butt and get registered in time. 

Please prove to me that Bush is a Gadianton. I KNOW you cant do that. I
think it is your opinion and you are entitled to that. But--bear in mind
that many people in the church including on this list prayerfully studied
the issues and prayed to Heavenly Father about who they should vote for
as President of the United States. 

Is The Spirit a robber for inspiring thousands of LDS people to vote for
a robber? I see a contradiction in this matter, John. The prophet does
NOT support your theory. The prophet will glady shake hands with the
President and promote his genealogy and posterity to the third and fourth
generation. Bush is a descent man. I know it. And I know God lives too.

Paul O

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