>Paul I think when Clinton became President of the US that made
everything he
>did my business. I also feel that being president he had the
>to be a good example to me my children and especially my grandchildren

I can't agree. What he did in the privacy of his bedroom or office chair
is NOT our business. It's not our business to know about the sexual
practices of the leaders of our country. We do not OWN them. They have a
job to do and they get paid to do it. Likewise, your company and boss
have no right to question you about your sexual acts and if they were to
publish stuff you would probably sew them. Its none of their business.
And, just because a man is elected President does not mean he has to put
his naked body on the table for everyone to gawk at. That is so sick!

No man has to choose the moral highroad just because they are President
and open their bedroom doors for the world to see. Neither can we impose
our values on them. President Clinton had a job to do and he was paid to
get it done. Unfortunately people insisted that they know all about his
sex habits. <gross> 

We elect our officials based on what we know about them before hand. That
doesn't mean after they are elected we can strip them of their clothes
and shame them in front of the whole world. President Clinton made
mistakes--that's true. But so does everyone. And that includes young men
who are preparing to go on missions until the new bar is enforced.

Paul O

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