>The Levites were given the Aaronic Priesthood as a hereditary position.
>They have a right to serve in that level of truth they have. They do not
>have all the saving truths or ordinances, but a temple built upon the
>Mosaic law would probably be accepted by God IF they were truly
>to a terrestrial/Mosaic belief system. 

What are you talking about? Levites? What Levites? No man can take this
authority upon himself. Either you get the authority to act in the name
of God through the Mormon priesthood or it is simply a futile act which
cannot be validated no matter how nice their intentions are. These
unauthorized acts would be no more acceptable to God as are the countless
baptisms performed by the members of the church of the Devil as spoken of
in the Book of Mormon. Salvation comes through Jesus Christ and his true
church and not by a start up religion that wants to restore the Mosaic
law no matter how dedicated they may be. 

And by the way--you said: "They do not have *all* the saving truths or
ordinances" but I submit to you that they have NONE because all saving
truths and ordinances are in Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

Paul O

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