On Sun, 27 Oct 2002 09:08:21 -0900 "John W. Redelfs"
> At 11:46 PM, Saturday, 10/26/02, Paul Osborne wrote:
> >And by the way--you said: "They do not have *all* the saving truths 
> or 
> >ordinances" but I submit to you that they have NONE because all 
> saving 
> >truths and ordinances are in Christ Jesus, the Son of God.
> I would like to bear a second witness to what Paul has said here.  
> There is 
> truth in other faiths.  I agree that other faiths have some truth. 
> In some 
> cases a lot of truth.  But there are no _saving_ truths or 
> ordinances in 
> that practicing those religions will ultimately end in the followers 
> being 
> damned.
> John W. Redelfs                       [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I have heard the truths from other religions referred to as broken pieces
of a mirror.  Yes, they have fragments of truth, but you must have the
whole mirror to be THE true church.  A question my husband had a hard
time with when he first joined the church was why we had to get baptized
for his sister who had passed away many years previous.  He said she had
been "saved" and was already baptized.  It was explained to him simply
"Yes, but the person who baptized her did not have the authority to do
so."  It was a beautiful day some years later when we went to the temple
(my birthday actually) and did the work for his parents, his brother and
sister.  Then we had them all sealed.  

I am sure that right now he is with them, grateful that they have had the
saving ordinances and that they are all sealed together.  I cannot wait
for the day when I get to meet them.  As I continue to do Tom's family's
genealogy, I get a lot of "warm fuzzies" that I am sure come from beyond
the veil.


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