On Mon, 04 Nov 2002 14:03:17 -0800, "Stacy Smith"
> How does one get an arranged marriage if one might wish one?  I'm mad it 
> seems it can't be done in this culture.

The trick to arranged marriages is that you don't do your own arranging.
That makes it pretty hard to accomplish for you. Now, if you wanted to
try to arrange a marriage for your kids, you might be able to manage, but
it would be exceedingly hard.

The couple I knew who married as an arranged marriage were from India. I
worked with him and we were good friends. We talked a lot about his
feelings when his parents wanted him to go back to India to meet the
woman they had basically engaged him to. He wasn't excited about the
prospect but was willing to meet her for their sake. He came back with a
different attitude and they made a really nice couple. Unfortunately, we
both changed employers and states a while after and I have been unable to
find him since.

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