Mark Gregson wrote:

> > The temple
> > is closed on Monday, isn't it?  I for sure want to do a temple session
> > while I'm there.  It is so hard to get to a temple when one is in
> > Ketchikan.
> Your schedule probably won't allow for it, but you could attend a session in either 
>Cardston with Tom Matkin, or Edmonton with me (and Marc, if he's feeling well enough).

I have a current TR, but as I discussed with Pres. Hudson, who signed my recommend, I 
should probably be satisfied with doing washings for now. I am (probably 
inappropriately) afraid that I might disrupt an endowment session if I have a seizure 
-- especially because it isn't an "ictal" seizure like epileptics get, and which 
people would recognize, but rather I look like I'm drunk or going into insulin shock. 
I can't speak properly, my eyes wander and I lose motor control. It can last for 
several hours and I sleep for hours and hours afterwards.  Even when
I'm not having a seizure (which happens about 6-8 times a month, and can strike at any 
time of day or night with only about 5 minutes warning, an "aura"), my left hand has 
"essential tremors" which makes it hard to hold a fork, or to tie things quickly, if 
you get my drift. People are patient with me, but I'm too young to be treated like an 
old man, and my pride gets in my way.

 I manage to make it out to church most Sundays, but my ward knows me well and is 
well-acquainted with my problems (I even toppled onto the bishop once in the middle of 
a seizure). I'm my own worst enemy in this -- I have to conquer my fear of 
embarrassment, since there is not much sign at this point of my condition getting any 
better; it is due to brain damage that, to make a long story short, started from a 
blood clot in the brain after I had an artificial heart valve installed (and which 
sometimes gets worse whenever I fall and hit my head -- another
aspect of this is that I lose my sense of where I am in space if I don't have enough 
visual or tactile clues, and don't know up from down. Often I don't realize I've even 
fallen until I feel the pain from the blow).

Anyway, sorry to go on about this, but this is an expansion of Mark's comment, just so 
you understand if I seem to be undependable in that regard.

> If you plan on an Edmonton temple session you will need to bring your temple clothes 
>because there are no clothing rentals there.  I presume that few if any small temples 
>have clothing rentals.  Cardston of course is a large temple and has both clothing 
>rentals and a cafeteria.  Architecturally, the Cardston temple is a great experience. 
> It's one of the very few temples in which there is a different room for each stage 
>of the endowment.  I think that only Manti and Salt Lake are still like that.  Maybe 
>also the Laie Hawaii and Idaho Falls temples too.

Cardston is one of the more magnificent temples, in fact, despite its relatively 
modest size in comparison with, say, LA or Washington DC. My brother, who is a 
cabinetmaker by trade and helped with the restoration back in the 80s, says there are 
42 species of wood in the art nouveau-style woodwork in the temple.

> Driving times in good conditions
> ===============================
> Cardston to Edmonton: 6 hours
> Edmonton to Prince George: 8 hours
> Prince George to Prince Rupert: 8 hours
> So Edmonton to Prince Rupert in a single 14 hour haul is just barely doable.  I 
>wouldn't want to try it without two drivers.

And during winter you'll almost always encounter severe weather in the Rockies and the 
Eastern Slopes (the foothills). At least it's not as unpredictable as going through 
Rogers Pass from Calgary.

> Let's look at your itinerary:
> Provo to Cardston: 12 hours (Wednesday the 20th and/or Thursday the 21st)
> Cardston to Edmonton: 6 hours (Thursday the 21st or Friday the 22nd)
> Edmonton to Prince George: 8 hours (Friday the 22nd or Saturday the 23rd)
> Prince George to Prince Rupert: 8 hours (Saturday the 23rd or Sunday the 24th)
> Okay, so as long as you leave Provo no later than Thursday morning you should be 
>fine.  You can stay at Tom's place and either Marc or my place for two of the three 
>or four nights and that will help the pocketbook.

We have a spare bedroom with a single bed and room for an air mattress/sleeping bag. 
If I kick Jared out of his room (he can sleep on the chesterfield out front) then we 
have two such rooms.  We also have a double bed in the basement (our youngest son's 
room, but he's down east at school; he'll be here from 25 December, arriving on a late 
Christmas day flight from Toronto,  to about 5 January but that's it). And we have 
another couch in our family room, with lots of floor room there. We also have 2 1/2 
baths and a large kitchen. There's parking for 2
vehicles on a pad off our back alley (most Alberta towns except in Mormon Country -- 
which are laid out differently -- have back alleys bisecting each block.) And of 
course street parking in front. We're about 3 blocks by foot to our local greenbelt, 
which bisects the city in a big "T" so anyone who's an exercise nut can jog or walk 
the trails there.

> =========  Mark Gregson  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  =========

Sheesh, I sound like I'm working for the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce, don't I?
Once a salesman, always a salesman, I guess.

Marc A. Schindler
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada -- Gateway to the Boreal Parkland

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