> I recall Joseph Smith having a vision (could it be in DC 137?), where he
> sees his non-baptized brother Alvin in the Celestial Kingdom. Alvin is
> obviously considered a 'true Christian' even though he has not yet been
> baptized.

Joseph Smith had the vision in 1836 in the Kirtland temple.  In the vision he saw his 
father, mother and Alvin in the celestial kingdom.  However, his father and mother 
were still alive when Joseph Smith had the vision.  Therefore, the vision was of the 
future, after Alvin's temple work would have been completed.  No one enters the 
Celestial Kingdom without baptism if they die after reaching the age of accountability.

This brings up many questions, none of which have revealed answers yet, so far as I 

What about good little children who die at 8 or 9 years of age?  They are accountable, 
but if not baptized they must be denied the Celestial Kingdom until their temple work 
is done.  What if they died in 320 B.C. and had lived in China?  What is their current 
state?  Are they still in spirit prison?  Were they ever in spirit prison?

A true Christian must follow Jesus Christ.  Are Terrestrial beings true Christians?  
Wouldn't they know the truth of the gospel by the time they are resurrected?  Surely 
they would believe in Jesus Christ and wish to follow Him.  But since they didn't 
merit the Celestial glory, they must not have followed Him well enough.  True 
Christians or not?

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