After much pondering, Mark Gregson favored us with:
What do we know about being a true Christian? Not much, really, because God has never revealed any definition for "true Christian". He has given the requirements for entering the Celestial Kingdom, however, and if you want that to be your definition of "true" then fine. It doesn't mean that one is perfectly keeping all the commandments here in this life. By the revealed requirements in D&C 76 and elsewhere, there are probably very many living now who qualify.
This thread has gone further than I ever intended. I know there are many wonderful, kind, and unselfish people in the world. I was not referring to them. I was addressing those who claim that Mormons aren't Christians.

For years we referred to those outside the Church as "gentiles." Then that word wasn't good enough, so we stated saying "nonmember." Even that term is considered too politically incorrect. So what do we call them today?

Bruce R. McConkie frequently spoke of "apostate Christendom" to refer to non-Mormon Christians. He also used the word "sectarian." I've thought that "potential members" might work. How about "future investigators?" Brothers and sisters might also work. I have often preferred "traditional Christian" as opposed to "nontraditional Christian."

But to those who want to call us a cult and say that we aren't Christians, I want to make it perfectly clear that it is they who are not Christians. Only one church on earth teaches true Christianity, and it isn't the anti-Mormons or the traditional Christians that support them in their work.

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