> Great post! According to the prophets, then it appears that there
> are actually two types of love:
> 1. Divine love
> 2. Unconditional love
> They are not one and the same. However, it is true that our
> Heavenly Father has and exercises both, and that we are
> commanded to do likewise. Would you agree?

Not quite, I don't think. While it is true that "God is love", it is not 
true that "Love is God". That is, "love" is not an overriding or 
ultimate principle wherein everything and everyone is loved. I believe 
that "unconditional love" is nothing more than a linguistic construct. I 
think it's false as a concept, nonexistent, nonsensical, without 
meaning, just like "sinful God" or "miserable exaltation" are 
nonsensical and meaningless. All love, even God's love, is conditioned 
or predicated upon the laws set forth (by God) that govern it. Parents 
may think the love for their child is boundless and unconditional; but 
let that child turn against the parents and everything they have stood 
for and tried to build, and actively seek their destruction, the 
destruction of their other children, and the desecration of all that the 
parents consider holy, and the parents, while mourning their child's 
loss and hoping for his return, are likely to find that their love is 
conditional after all.

In this vein, I don't think we're commanded to exercise "unconditional 
love", which wouldn't even make any sense anyway if that term is an 
oxymoron. I think we're commanded to love as God loves, but as Elder 
Nelson pointed out, divine love is not "unconditional". We are commanded 
to forgive all men, and to show forth the love of Christ; but I don't 
think this means any sort of "unconditional love". Admittedly, like all 
philosophical discussions, this becomes a matter of defition and 


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