-Elder Nelson-
> "Divine love is perfect, infinite, enduring, and universal. The
> full flower of divine love and our greatest blessings from that
> love are conditional -- predicated upon our obedience to eternal
> law."

> Stephen, this statement seems to negate your earlier idea that
> love is conditional.

Not sure why you say that. Elder Nelson's sentence that you quoted above 
plainly reads, "The full flower of divine love [...] [is] conditional". 
Other phrases that I quoted before include:

"[D]ivine love [...] cannot correctly be characterized as 

"[M]any verses [...] declare the conditional nature of divine love for 

"[D]ivine love and blessings are not truly 'unconditional'"

> It seems to me that Love from our Father and our Savior is
> unconditional

Elder Nelson appears not to agree.

> The blessing may be conditional, but surely not the love.

Elder Nelson does not make that distinction.

> If Elder Nelson said any different than that I would be
> disappointed, but I will read the article.

Hope you enjoy it. Please don't be disappointed, though. It might turn 
out that he's just restating in different words something you already 
believe. If he really is teaching something different, then rejoice that 
we have leaders who can teach us such important "fine points".


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