I read this article last night.  Wasn't it wonderful?!  If you haven't yet
read it, get off this silly list and go read it right now.


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> Some time ago on this very list (probably its incarnation on zilker.net
> or some other pre-Topica server), a rather heated discussion -- imagine
> that! -- arose regarding, of all topics, God's love. Some of us claimed
> that the scriptures clearly teach that God's love is conditional, given
> to some more than to others, and dependent in its intensity on the
> actions and heart of the recipient; while others steadfastly maintained
> that God's love is unconditional, that he loves the rankest, vilest
> sinner just as much as he loves the most virtuous of men and women.
> I thus find it interesting that this month's Ensign includes an article
> by Elder Nelson extolling the *conditional* nature of God's love. I
> definitely recommend the article to all, which starts on page 20 of the
> February 2003 Ensign. Some relevant quotations follow:
> "While divine love can be called perfect, infinite, enduring, and
> universal, it cannot correctly be characterized as *unconditional*."
> [emphasis in original]
> "With scriptural patterns of conditional statements in mind, we note
> many verses that declare the conditional nature of divine love for us.
> Examples include: [John 15:10; D&C 95:12; John 14:23; Proverbs 8:17;
> Acts 10:34-35; 1 Nephi 17:40; John 14:21]"
> "Understanding that divine love and blessings are not truly
> 'unconditional' can defend us against common fallacies such as these:
> 'Since God's love is unconditional, He will love me regardless...'; or
> 'Since ''God is love,'' He will love me unconditionally, regardless...'
> These arguments are used by anti-Christs to woo people with deception."
> "Divine love is perfect, infinite, enduring, and universal. The full
> flower of divine love and our greatest blessings from that love are
> conditional -- predicated upon our obedience to eternal law."
> Stephen
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