Gordon B. Hinckley, "Women of the Church," Ensign, Nov. 1996, 67
"Some years ago President Benson delivered a message to the women of the
Church. He encouraged them to leave their employment and give their
individual time to their children. I sustain the position which he took.
NEVERTHLESS, I recognize, as he recognized, that there are some women (it
has become very MANY in fact) who HAVE TO WORK TO PROVIDE FOR THE NEEDS
OF THEIR FAMILIES. To you I say, do the very best you can. I hope that if
you are employed full-time you are doing it to ensure that basic needs
are met and not simply to indulge a taste for an elaborate home, fancy
cars, and other luxuries. The greatest job that any mother will ever do
will be in nurturing, teaching, lifting, encouraging, and rearing her
children in righteousness and truth. None other can adequately take her
There are "many" woman who have to work because their husbands are blue
collar workers who have been oppressed by the financial changes of our
society. The prophet is confessing to the Church there are changes taking
place. President Bensen is dead and can no longer counsel the Church
regarding the movement of the LDS people in a changing world which
continues to get worse and oppress the poor working men of this world.
President Hinckley confesses that the number of woman is "MANY" that
"HAVE" to work.
I feel that those people (especially white collar men) that tell the blue
collar men that wives shouldn’t work are way out of line and are NOT
following the counsel and example of the prophet! It is the white collar
men that have oppressed the blue collar men since this world began and
the day will come when that will no longer be the case.
Finally, if you self righteous white collar brethren don't like what I'm
saying-- then shove it where the sun don't shine! :-(((  so blahhh to

Paul O

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