The situation Ronn describes is similar to ours.  I do the haircuts in the
family myself, except for mine and then I only go about twice a year -
sometimes only once a year - to those cheapo haircut places where I only
spend about $12.  For the kids' clothes, I shop rummage sales & secondhand
stores and buy things on clearance.  I only buy clothes for myself once in
a blue moon; I bought some clothes last fall.  Most of what I wear is
either gifts from my mom or secondhand from my mom.  I do have some things
I bought on clearance...I paid $3 for my one pair of jeans at an outlet
store.  We have to spend a bit more on my husband's clothes; he has to wear
a shirt & tie every day.  He is, however, in dire need of shoes.  He did
not have a suit until this weekend.  We had to buy one because he has a
work function coming up in a few weeks at which a coat & tie is required
for the men.  We found a $300 suit at an outlet that we paid $130 for.  I
thought that was pretty good.  Last week, someone slashed my husband's
tires (a bunch of people in our neighborhood had that happen to them) and
so the cheapest set of tires we could get for his truck ran us $350 which
includes free lifetime tire rotation.  The free lifetime rotation is
important because my husband feels that's important.  That's how he managed
to get 87,000 miles out of this set that got cut - we were going to have to
replace them soon, anyhow.  At the same time, I need to be out in the
workplace because we realistically are looking at my husband becoming
disabled in the next few years due to him being a brittle diabetic.  I am
going to become the sole support of my family soon, and so I'm getting back
into the workplace now so that I can get more experience.

Criticize me if you must, but first walk a mile in my shoes...

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> From: Ronn! Blankenship <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: 9/14/2003 8:45:28 PM
> Subject: RE: [ZION] working woman
> At 09:04 PM 9/14/03 -0400, Noel B wrote:
> >And why are they working? To get that second car, or the boat or the
> >bigger house???
> Or occasionally to keep the family from falling any further behind when 
> taxes of various sorts frequently take up the first 50% of everyone's 
> income, gas is over $2.00 a gallon, the first car costs $20,000 (or if
> buy a used one to save money, it's always in the shop) and a basic house 
> over $100,000, and many people are living paycheck to paycheck not by 
> choice or because they are profligate, and an unexpected medical bill or 
> something can wipe you out, and your job could end tomorrow without any 
> warning . . .
> -- Ronn!  :)
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