Seems to me that a few years ago this list had a single sister on it who 
said she preferred being single in the Celestial Kingdom, and just being 
a ministering angel in God's presence. That being the case, there may be 
more to this than we think...

Sandy and Melinda Rabinowitz wrote:
> George Cobabe wrote:
> > 
> > There are those on this list that in the past have argued that Eternal
> > Marriage is NOT essential for exaltation.  Exaltation is living in the
> > presence of God the Father and receiving His blessings.  Yet it is 
> > suggested
> > that to live in the Celestial Kingdom it is not necessary to have an 
> > Eternal
> > Marriage.
> Still, it's possible to be in the Celestial Kingdom and NOT be exalted.  
> I think that's where the misunderstanding among members comes in.  D&C 
> 131 indicates that temple marriage is needed for the *highest degree* of 
> the Celestial Kingdom.  On the basis of that scripture, it does appear 
> that a single person might be able to enter at the lowest degree.
> But the lower degrees of the Celestial Kingdom represent a type of 
> eternal damnation.  Yes, persons designated for that place can be in the 
> presence of both the Father and the Son, but exaltation goes beyond 
> being in their presence, and means becoming as God in all things, up to 
> and including godhood.  If you can receive a degree of Celestial Glory, 
> yet be unable to attain the status of godhood (being designated, for 
> instance, as a ministering angel), then by definition, one's progression 
> stops and damnation occurs.  
> Still, in practical terms, I don't know how likely it would be for a 
> single person to reach the lower degrees of the Celestial Kingdom.  For 
> if someone desires to enter into the covenant, makes the needed 
> sacrifices, yet cannot locate a suitable companion, teachings indicate 
> that provision will be made later in the post-mortal existance.  At the 
> other extreme, someone who goes out of their way to avoid temple 
> marriage could be judged as being rebellious or disobedient...perhaps 
> the judgment might even be in the direction of the Terrestrial Kingdom?  
> In the middle, I suppose, are those individuals who seek to be obedient 
> in the Gospel in most things, yet don't care one way or the other about 
> temple marriage.  Then they die without being sealed to a companion, 
> realizing too late that they should have given the matter greater 
> attention.  They might have been exalted, but for their diligence in 
> seeking an eternal companion.  I suspect it would be these individuals 
> who would become the ministering angels in the lower Celestial rhelms.  
> (But would there be that many?)  Even so, all this would be my personal 
> speculation.
> All the best,
> /Sandy/
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Gerald (Gary) Smith

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