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At 07:09 PM 11/7/2003 +0000, Rabbi Rabinowitz wrote:
The bottom line
is that while the question of exaltation may turn on our willingness to
enter into the eternal covenant of marriage--a specific commandment--it
turns most of all upon our willingness to keep ALL of his commandments
and in so doing, to then allow the atonement (through the process of
repentance) to take full effect in our lives.

I think the operative words here are "sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise" This is something that this feeble old brain doesn't completely understand, but it sounds pretty intimidating all the same. Could it be coincidental with the second comforter? Scary thought, says I, if you read the rest of the chapter with that in mind. I'm with the BLT, sometimes I "fear" God. It certainly gives me great incentive to try harder each day.


From my limited understanding, being sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise is when the Holy Ghost puts his stamp of approval on the ordinance. This stamp can and will be removed if the person fails to keep the commandments. The big question is how do we know if the ordinance has been sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise as we all sin?


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