Tom wrote---
<The development of the church was leapfrogged a hundred years by polygamy.
In my completely unverifiable opinion.>

does anyone on the list have some  figures for the actual number of menb
that were practicing polygamy, versus the total number of marriage age men
in the church during that time?

>Unless that's what the Lord decrees, in which case it's just the
>way it is. However I have no sense of it coming back, certainly no
>desire to see it. But I am curious how we are going to square the circle
>of proselyting those corners of the world where it is in good standing.

just my opinion-- just because the practice may be legal in a country does
not mean that the church will authorize its members in that country to
follow the practice. not exactly comparable, but I recall President
Hinckley, in a Priesthood meeting, telling the brethren that when you join
the church, you leave behind (are supposed to) any customs or practices
that are not in keeping with church doctrine.

Bob Taylor

   "There are no coincidences, only small miracles." Author Unknown


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