Watch "The Patriot" some time. The battles they had in that war were fought by two sides who had access to very similar weaponry. Things have changed a lot since then. Governments have access to stuff that is much more advanced than what the people have.
The Iraqis didn't stand a chance of challenging Hussein. They had to be helped.
Of course, this opens up the whole topic of the US and what we would have to go through if the US were to ever become a blood thirsty dictatorship. How could we defend ourselves against the US army if it ever came to it. I don't think we could. I think we would just simply lose.
Maybe the second amendment is more important than we realize.

No, the current crop of Iraqis didn't rise and destroy Saddam because the
brave ones who tried that more than a decade ago (when they thought we were
going to continue all the way into Baghdad) were slaughtered.

"If ya thinks ya is right, ya deserfs credit - even if ya is wrong."  --Gus
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 Why didn't the Iraqis rise and destroy Saddam of their own accord?
 Because as a people, they were willing to resign themselves to his rule.
 They have been resigning themselves to autocrats for a long, long time.

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