How about his prophecy that Jerusalem would be destroyed by God for its
sins?  Since Christ is God, he was doing more than just foreseeing an
event - he was being Judge, Jury and Executioner.  He will do it again at
the Second Coming.
We must remember that the Mosaic Law was a lower law - but still a law of
God.  Regardless of the punishment, the sin of homosexuality was still a
sin that was punishable under the law.  In earlier days in the USA, it
was also considered a crime punishable under the law.  
And Just because it is no longer punished, does not make it heinous or

And what Christ taught was not forgiveness, but repentance.  Forgiveness
is what was given AFTER people repented.  Christ did not teach
forgiveness to the Pharisees, but called them to repentance. He did not
preach forgiveness to the Jews or Samaritans, but repentance.  He
forgave, because it was within him to forgive those He chose to forgive.
Had his mission been nothing but forgiveness, he would forgive all
mankind, including Cain.

Instead, he came to bring balance between Justice and Mercy, but only on
condition of repentance, which is what he preached.

I think too many get fixated on what seems to be God's leniency. In
reality, the commandments are clear, as are the rewards and punishments. 
We are not to judge where a person goes to in the next life, but we are
to judge right from wrong. The JST of Matthew 7:1 tells us to judge
righteous judgment.  I don't condemn people to hell, that is God's job. I
DO condemn sin, telling the sinner that if change does not occur in
his/her life, the person risks hellfire.  Calling people to repentance is
a good thing to do, because only in repentance can God bring forgiveness.

K'aya K'ama,

Gerald (Gary) Smith     
[EMAIL PROTECTED]         LDS Evidences,
Family History, Food Storage, etc.

RB Scott wrote:

>  Seriously, I don't
>recall Christ preaching "death" for any offense...well, murder
>perhaps (but I don't recall it).

Notwithstanding fairly twisted and bizarre interpretations, what
Christ taught was forgiveness, not death.

I think too many get fixated and judging others, relishing
damning others to hell. What Christ taught was that it is our
responsibility to forgive all, to leave judgements to Him.  I
suspect when that great and dreadful day arrives, more than a few
of us will be very, very surpised.


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