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>On Mar 21, 2004, at 3:44 PM, RB Scott wrote:
>> Gary:
>> Look, I don't think we're ever going to agree.  I'm
>probably as
>> aware as you are as to what God taught and what he didn't. I
>> think are differences are in approach. I'm inclined
>to teach the
>> gospel, you seem inclined to preach repentance.
>This is the problem:  there is no difference between
>the gospel and

Did I suggest otherwise?  I don't think so.  I'll suggest that
repentance is between the sinner and the Lord. Period.  Only the
Lord knows "true repentance" and only the Lord is capable of
judging us according to all of our good works and of offering all
of us His grace -- after all we can do for ourselves.   Did I
misunderstand Him?


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