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On Tuesday 22 January 2008, Dieter Maurer wrote:
"OracleStorage" was abandoned because it was almost an order
or magnitude slower than "FileStorage".

Actually, Lovely Systems uses PGStorage because it is faster for them.

It would be interesting where PGS is faster than filestorage. Ok, I just
tried made a simple benchmark for testing write performance. I created a
Plone site and then created a copy using copy/paste within the ZMI.
(AMD Dualcore 2.6 GHz, Postgres 7.4.7 running on dedicated DB server):

Copy&Paste using Filestorage: 3-4 seconds
Copy&Paste using PGStorage: 30-40 seconds

Alan asked me to so some further testing. I wrote a small script
creating 100 Documents within one transaction (both in CMF and Plone)
and I calculated the transaction time (not included the overhead
for creating the instances)...the numbers are pretty much the

                   CMF                Plone
PGStorage        10-12 secs           15-18 secs
Filestorage      0.3-0.4 secs         0.4-0.6 secs

I must mention that all tests were done using PGStorage 0.1 - the only
version available to me. Rumors say that Shane might release improved versions. So the numbers must be taken with care as they reflect the state of PGStorage as of 2006.


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