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David Pratt wrote:
> Hi Alan. I'm keeping the thread on the list since you raised the issue 
> here. There are several repositories of zope related code that exist 
> outside of svn.zope.org. I have made the decision to host 
> DirectoryStorage at sourceforge on the basis that I have committed to 
> maintaining and contributing to the project.
> I volunteered to maintain the project since I saw it falling into 
> disrepair following two years without a single commit to the code base. 
> I have become the maintainer on the basis of an agreement with Tobi back 
> in January. This agreement permits me to relicense the code under my 
> choice of a ZPL or MIT license.
> I cannot work with sources in zope repository since it would require a 
> contributor agreement with Zope Corp. I am unable to enter into this 
> agreement for the forseeable future. The zif collective 
> (zif.sourceforge.net) is a way that I may contribute back to the zope 
> community without the requirement of the agreement.

You don't identify the problem(s) which prevent you from entering into
that agreement:  we might be able to clarify or help resolve them if you
did so.

> Anyone interested in DirectoryStorage is encouraged to participate in 
> its development since it is an open project that will be getting a more 
> liberal license. There will be something more to build upon once the egg 
> repackaging is released. It will be released under zif namespaced package.
> Shane and I have a relationship since I was also a project admin for 
> PGStorage when it was located on sourceforge. There is nothing that 
> would prohibit our communication or collaboration on any future 
> development of DirectoryStorage. HTH.

What does Shane have to do with DirectoryStorage?  That product was
originated by Toby Dickinson, based on a prototype by Petru Paler, with
contributions from several other folks, per:




Relicensing it will require consent from Toby and the other copyright
holders:  I'm assuming that the arrangment you discuss above fits the
bill there.

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