I have a need to use ZEO authentication so prevent people from accidentily connection to the wrong ZEO server. We had a Zope 2.10 client connect to a ZEO server used for Zope 2.7 recently and try to create a Plone site and the result was quite disastrous.

At the moment you can configure authentication on the server side via XML. On the client side this is not possible. The necessary changes can be found in a post from to the zope list from 2005: http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope/2005-October/161951.html . I intend to apply those change to ZODB trunk.

I would like to get that fix in for Zope 2.11, which will use ZODB 3.8. Are there any objections to changing this there as well? This is a bit of a grey area between a bugfix and completing an unfinished feature, and I'm do not know what the rules for ZODB development are.


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