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> Nitro wrote:
>> packaging: I don't plan to create a package for this as I don't see much
>> point in adding yet another package to the clutter of packages  
>> surrounding
>> zodb.
> Just a quick remark: Without being available as a package, your code will
> be far less useful (if not outright useless) to a lot of potential users
> because installing packages in one way or another is what people do in
> order to be able to use code, in particular in the Zope and ZODB world.  
> In
> fact, reading your message through the Gmane interface to the list, I
> didn't even receive the attachment to your message. (I know I can dig it
> up from the list archives, but compare this to being able to declare the
> dependency on your package in my code and have it installed automatically
> by my build system.) I also don't see how creating another package could
> do any harm, in particular as it brings original new functionality.

I do not like the current packaging approach as I discussed in length in a  
recent message to this list [1]. Until this changes I am not going to  
spend time creating random packages.


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