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> Although I think this sounds like an optimal solution, I think it isn't  
> necessary. I wish only that there was a "complements" in ZODB wiki with  
> a simple list of best of breed package for each task and maybe a list of  
> alternatives. To make it even better a good "deprecated" section would  
> be good so you don't need to look at old packages trying to figure out  
> if they are the new thing that is not on the wiki or the  
> so-old-that-no-one-uses thing. This would be a great start.

I will start by gathering a list of the packages and categorizing them  
roughly (by scope and last release date). We'll choose the good packages  
 from them and contact the maintainers on important/interesting packages to  
ask for their support.
The wiki is not the right place for this, it should probably go straight  
into a toplevel menu point of the zodb webpage.

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