Am 28.06.2010, 16:52 Uhr, schrieb Laurence Rowe <>:

> So why don't we all work on the same packages? The main reason is one
> of legacy. Plone is built on Zope2 and ZCatalog. It works, but it is
> not without it's issues - we can't have queries that join from that
> catalog to a zc.relation catalog. Standalone ZCatalog failed because
> it came to early - Zope2 was only recently eggified, so to be
> successful the standalone ZCatalog would need to be used in Zope2.
> Nobody has bothered with this because non-legacy code shouldn't be
> using ZCatalog anyway - there are newer and better ways of doing it.

Oh, nice to know. I was already writing test cases for standalone ZCatalog  
integration in my project as all other indices seemed tied to plone :)

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