Rainer Orth wrote:
Glenn Faden <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Since the non-global zone automounter is unaware and unable to do anything else, it will simply do an NFS mount. The problem is that CR 5065254 (NFS/UFS deadlock when system is both NFS server and client) is likely to cause a deadlock.

Does anyone know if this only affects UFS, or ZFS as well?  A couple of new
fileservers I'm building, based on S10 U2, will only use ZFS (except for /,
/var of course), so if this is UFS-only, I would be unaffected.
The paritcular scenario which 5065254 addresses is specific to
NFS<->segmap<->UFS interaction. ZFS should not be affected by that
specific case. However, I do not have any testing to confirm whether it
is affected by any other deadlock cases.



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